Selena Gomez Celebrates 21 With Ashley Benson

When Selena Gomez spilled the beans about the huge motherfranking party she was planning for this year's big-deal birthday, we weren't sure what manner of madness might turn up on her Instagram after she turned 21 yesterday. Fireworks? Flamethrowers? Live nude bears? But despite having nearly unlimited options for making her birthday a blast, it looks like Selena skipped the circus animals and celebrated just like we would have: with her very best friends and a big darn cake.

The birthday girl is all smiles in the few shots she posted from her night out, with guests including celeb besties Ashley Benson and Francia Raisa. But if you weren't invited, don't fret; the new video Selena released yesterday—appropriately titled "Birthday"—might be a sneak peek at how she partied it out for her 21st. And that is: grinding with a bunch of mannequins inside a dimly lit room full of confetti and friends. Looks like fun!

Want to wish Selena a belated happy birthday?