YA Blockbuster 'Obsidian' Is Off To The Movies

ObsidianIf you're wondering where to find the next big thing in supernatural romance, here's a little tidbit of news that ought to pique your interest: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Armentrout's "Lux" series is off to Hollywood! Sierra Pictures has picked up the option on the majorly best-selling saga. And with five titles anticipated, a film based on the first book, "Obsidian," could kick off the kind of multi-film mayhem that gives the Cullens a run for their money.

As these things go, "Obsidian" starts out sounding like your typical teen romance: a story of the new girl at school and the mysterious, charismatic, cocky boy who steals her heart while simultaneously getting on her very last nerve. But when the boy in question turns out to be some sort of alien hottie at the center of an intergalactic space war, things get very atypical, very fast. Could this be the epic saga that gives that other saga a run for its money? Will the extraterrestrial dude-next-door replace the sparkly vampire as this decade's must-have supernatural boyfriend? DISCUSS.

What do you think about a big-screen adaptation of "Obsidian"?