Peep EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal For Aimee Carter's 'Pawn'!

PawnIf you've been at a literary loss since Aimee Carter published the final installment of her "Goddess Test" series, "The Goddess Inheritance," back in February, than today should prove promising. Aimee's preparing her next saga, the dystopian "Blackcoat Rebellion" series, and Hollywood Crush has your EXCLUSIVE look at the cover art for the first book, "Pawn"!

The tale takes place in a not-so-distant future in which society has been divided into classes, each signified by a number. Because of her dyslexia, teen Kitty Doe is branded a "III," making her part of the working class. Sent on assignment far from her family and boyfriend, Kitty's ready to go rogue...until the prime minister's niece dies under mysterious circumstances, and she is asked to impersonate her (through surgical alteration) in the "VII"-ranked ruling family. Intriguing, much?

The granite-colored cover is equally mysterious, with a bright blue eye peering through what appears to be a circular labyrinth. (The bottom of a "Pawn," perhaps?)

What we do know is that you'll have to wait a bit for the book: "Pawn"'s official release date is November 19.

Are you an Aimee Carter fan? Will you be picking up a copy of "Pawn"? What do you think of the cover? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!