'Ravenswood' Makes A Major Cast Change

RavenswoodThere's drama afoot in "Ravenswood"! Although the new spin-off series from "Pretty Little Liars" won't be making its way to television until this fall, the show is already making the sort of big, bold move that would ordinarily be reserved for a cliffhanger finale, the sort that has everybody yelling about it on the internet within 60 seconds of the credits rolling.

Here's the dish: According to The Hollywood Reporter, leading lady Elizabeth Whitson has quietly bowed out and made tracks, leaving the show and her role as Olivia to Merritt Patterson, who was originally on board in the role of Olivia's BFF Tess.

Fortunately, filming still hadn't begun on the series-to-be, so this shakeup—major as it is—won't cause any hitchy delays on the much-anticipated debut of the first season. (Unless of course you count the psychological trauma of adjusting to the show's star having a completely different hair color than previously advertised. We weren't prepared for this!)

The show will take place in the same universe as "Pretty Little Liars," following five seemingly unconnected residents of Ravenswood as they try to uncover the supernatural secrets of their strange and accursed zip code. And while the series doesn't make its official debut until after the "Pretty Little Liars" Halloween special, anyone who was watching closely during last night's "PLL" got a sneak peek at the spin-off's setting. Did you see it?