Ryan Gosling Looks Good At 'Only God Forgives' Premiere

Last night was the big New York premiere of the exciting new thriller "Only God Forgives"—which means that you should clear your morning schedule now, because the next several hours of your day will be spent ogling the roundup of photos of Ryan Gosling, the film's star, looking like a summer-suited dreamboat on the red carpet. A linen suit, an artful scruff, a tantalizing wedge of golden chest flesh visible between the gently parted lapels of his crisp white shirt...uh, did we say "morning"? Scratch that; we're gonna need to take the whole day to consider this sexiness. Alone. With the door locked.

"Only God Forgives" follows the mysterious Julian (Ryan), a drug smuggler working in the high-stakes criminal underworld of Bangkok, Thailand. And if you're getting a sense of deja vu, you're onto something: Ryan chatted with MTV's Josh Horowitz about the parallels between this film and "Drive," which also starred the actor as an enigmatic law-breaker in a performance directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (watch the interview after the jump!).

"Only God Forgives" will be out in limited release on July 19.

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