'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Under The Gun'

Pretty Little LiarsWhich was scarier: the fact that there are finally some consequences for all the life and death nonsense on "Pretty Little Liars," or Ravenswood? Man, that is one creepy-ass little town—but the cops finally fingered someone super-close to the liars as the person responsible for Det. Wilden’s death in "Under the Gun."

First, the arrest: Hanna was in custody for burying the gun, and although the cops didn’t suspect she killed Wilden, they knew she was covering for someone else. That cover could be costly, since just being in possession of the weapon could get her seven years in jail. By the end of the episode, ballistics had matched Hanna’s dad’s gun to the one that killed Wilden, and the cops found Ashley’s fingerprints on the bullets. For the second week in a row a Marin woman walked away in handcuffs, but this time it was Hanna’s mom—and things don’t look too good for her.

Now let’s talk about Ravenswood, the perma-blue filtered Pennsylvania city that will soon claim Caleb for its own: Spencer and Toby visited the mysterious town on a quest to find sorority matron Mrs. Grunwald. She insisted she had no idea who Alison was, but that’s not the important part.

This is a seemingly normal, everyday occurrence in Ravenswood that didn’t raise any eyebrows among local residents: While Spencer and Toby searched for Alison clues, some eerie music piped through the town, prompting everyone to gather in front of a park statue and just stand there. It was weird, and even weirder was the fact that Spencer saw Shana, who hopped inside Jenna’s car and drove off. As Spencer and Toby jumped in their Toyota (product placement!) to follow, a raven dive-bombed their windshield and sufficiently creeped them out enough to lose her. Caleb’s got a lot of weird s--t to look forward to on his new show.

Aria had more love-related troubles, because what else is new? Yet another potential suitor was in the mix for her affection, though he didn’t stand a chance since she wasn’t interested in him at all. Her little brother’s friend asked her for homework help and tried to kiss her, but pulled the ol’ "tell everyone at school that we did it" move the next day. Aria was obviously unhappy, but when she confronted him he told everyone about her relationship with Mr. Fitz.

Unfortunately Mr. Fitz didn’t throw down in her honor, but he was spotted creeping around the coffee shop later during Connor’s shift, which also happened to be when someone took a baseball bat to Connor’s car. Although it would be amazing if it were Ezra, I think it was Mike, who felt bad that he called his sister a slut and realized that his friend Connor was a little d-bag.

Emily got into a little trouble of her own at the end of the episode when A sent the cops a video of someone in a shiny Emily mask holding a sign saying “guilty.” Now the cops suspect her of...something, and whoever was in the mask hotwired a car presumably to do something nefarious.

What did you think of the episode? How do you think Hanna’s mom is going to get out of this mess? Why does Aria have SO many boy problems? Is “Ravenswood” the show going to be shot in blue filter exclusively, or will the residents of the town not have to look washed-out all the time? What did you think of the eerie new city?