Peep Two EXCLUSIVE Character Posters For 'Catching Fire' Before Comic-Con!

Catching FireFROM MTV NEWS: No doubt you, a fanperson extarordinaire, are already deeply and terribly psyched for this weekend's Lionsgate panel at Comic-Con, where the long-awaited new trailer for "Catching Fire" will be making its big debut. But if you won't be in San Diego to slobber all over that sneak peek at this year's most-anticipated movie, you can slobber over this one right now: two exclusive posters featuring the wiliest techies ever to grace the arena at the Quarter Quell!

Beetee and Wiress, the District three tributes, are front and center on these new character posters—a whole herd of which are being released all over the internet today as a lead-up to the big-deal Comic-Con panel. But you won't see these two anywhere but here, so click through to ogle them in all their enormous glory before you go hunting down the rest! It's only polite.