Robert Pattinson's In A Bathtub For Dior Homme

Alright, you guys, we'll start with the good news: the new Dior Homme campaign featuring Robert Pattinson has certain choice components that we all like very much, and particularly when it comes to their choice of setting! What's that, you ask? Oh, only a sexy photoshoot featuring everybody's fave British hottie in a bathtub, a sneak peek of which was tweeted out from the designer's official Twitter feed. (In case you missed it, Rob is the new face of Dior Homme and has been hard at work on the upcoming ad campaign.)

The bad news is, this is, like, possibly the least nude bath anyone has ever taken in the history of the world. Rob actually appears to be wearing a suit, at least from the waist up—and needless to say, they aren't showing any choice bits from below the belt. Also, to be perfectly honest, we're not even convinced that there's water in that tub. Such a tease! But whatever, his smile is adorable and that's plenty. Even if he is lolling around in a bathtub, fully clothed, in the company of some other woman.

What do you think of this peek at Rob's new parfum campaign?