We're Obsessed With Jesse And The Rippers

John Stamosby Jessica Marshall

While this week started out on a sad note, a bit of news has just surfaced that has filled our hearts with unbridled joy. Jesse and the Rippers of "Full House" fame are reuniting on TV this Friday, playing "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (per People).

All together now: Have mercy!

Last month, my heart skipped a beat when my childhood crush, the fictional Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, started up a Twitter account and announced that his rockin’ band, Jesse and the Rippers, were back together and touring. I hadn’t heard them in FOREVER.

And when Uncle Jesse tweeted this on Monday, I nearly lost my mind.

OMG the vest. I was obsessed with the vest. And the acid-wash jeans. And the jet-black, gelled mullet. “Forever” was my jam, and “Full House” was my show. And just when I thought I’d been choked by the nostalgia that flooded in from the Tweet, actor John Stamos (Uncle Jesse in the flesh) posted a video on Instagram of Jesse and the Rippers recording the “Full House” theme song. Can we please bring back TGIF? Puh-leese?

While I appreciated the multitude of life lessons gleaned from the show about a widowed TV host (Bob Saget) raising three daughters with the help of his quirky best friend (Dave Coulier) and freewheelin’ musician brother-in-law (Stamos), it was Uncle Jesse who made the biggest impact on my impressionable young soul.

His good looks, mischievous charm and keen sense of fashion had me hooked, but it was the season five episode “Double Trouble,” that left the biggest mark. In it, he explains to little Michelle Tanner (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) what the word “apprehensive” means, while confiding to her that he’s scared silly about the fact he’s having twins with Becky. That little bit of wisdom helped me on an SAT question. I kid you not. I still think of that pivotal episode every time I use or hear that word.

And let’s not forget the season two episode “Baby Love," when Uncle Jesse sang “Michelle Smiling” to the little tyke when she was depressed over losing her toddler boyfriend Howie to the state of Nebraska. Why, oh why did my name have to have three syllables? “Jessica Smiling” just didn’t have the same ring to it...

Jesse and the Rippers have allegedly been rocking Europe for the last month, teasing us with the promise of a performance in the States sometime mid-July. And finally—you go it, dude! Roughly 20 years after Uncle Jesse was kicked out of the band for being a commitment-phobe, they’re back...and I’m guessing, better than ever.

Are you excited for the Jesse and the Rippers reunion?