'Vampire Diaries' Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

Vampire Diaries"The Vampire Diaries" is getting its higher education on when our favorite Mystic Falls supernaturals return for a new season on The CW. With half the beloved cast relocating to New Orleans (and Tuesday nights) for spin-off "The Originals," there’s some room for new blood. (That was a vampire joke. You’re welcome.)

Can’t wait until October 10 to find out what happens to everyone after that doozy of a season finale? Here’s everything we know about the fifth season so far, now that filming has begun:

After finally graduating from high school, the gang (or at least some of them) heads to nearby Whitmore College for some learning—and let’s be real: a ton more drama. That’s where we’ll meet two new characters. The first is Jesse, an upperclassman with eyes for Caroline—well, maybe not, considering he’s charming and handsome but has a particular disdain from the undead, per Zap2it. (Also, Tyler and Klaus can’t completely be out of the picture yet.)

The second new dude is a "hot but not-so-nice professor who knows more about Mystic Falls than he’s letting on," according to TV Guide, and has a passion for “research that he believes will help humanity.” Does that sound like anyone we know? Paging Professor Shane...

In Salvatore news, Damon will have a run-in with a male doctor who knows all of Damon’s secrets, per TVLine. No offense, but that just sounds plain gross. Who wants to know what deviant things Damon has been up to over the past few hundred years?

TVLine also has scoop on two more characters we’ll meet in the first episode: the mysterious, gorgeous Nadia, who has a sexy dalliance with Matt and Rebekah after meeting them in a Prague bar and also delivers an “ominous warning” to Stefan about the Original family; and the fresh-faced Megan, a smart girl who meets Jeremy at the Mystic Falls High 1950s dance.