Style Superstar: Rosamund Pike Plays Hot Pink Peekaboo

We see London, we see France! And today in fabulous fashion moments, we see Rosamund Pike, somehow managing to bare her brassiere on the red carpet without sacrificing even an iota of class. Is this some kind of dark magic?! No! It's just business as usual for a Style Superstar.

Rosamund sported this fresh, white dress with a kicky collar at the "World's End" premiere this week—and from the shoulders up, she's so prim and proper that she could be bound for tea with the Queen. But let your gaze drift down to that peekaboo panel on the front of her dress, and things get spicy: Rather than opting for nude underthings, the actress donned a hot pink bra that not only makes for an eye-catching pop of color, but also matches her shoes, which are downright spectacular. It's a daring move, and this week, it earned her the title of Style Superstar.

And speaking of eye-catching bodice adornments, Olivia Munn was out this week in a sleek, simple black dress that's mostly a great example of Olivia's sophisticated style sense: flattering, unfussy and without any silly accoutrements that might make her look anything less than perfectly polished. Which is why somebody needs to snip away that weird, unnecessary strip of lace ribbon that's strung like a piece of police tape across her decolletage, because it's distracting and it makes no sense and we hate it.

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