'Glee' Stars Reportedly Put A Ring On It

Melissa Benoist Blake JennerWell, here's a pair of lovebirds who are going to make beautiful music together, guaranteed: "Glee" co-stars Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist, who only recently spilled the beans about their in-real-life relationship, are reportedly gonna get maaaaarried!

Us Weekly has it on good authority (from the ubiquitous "source") that the couple made their engagement official...well, at some point in the past few days, we guess, although there hasn't been a peep from the pair themselves to confirm. Yet. But that's probably just 'cause they're too busy celebrating and kissing and stuff.

Blake and Melissa met on the "Glee" set, which appears to be one of the primo places for two young Hollywood singles to make a connection; they're the second celebrity match to emerge from the show, after longtime couple Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. Looks like there's some magic in the music at McKinley High...or maybe it's just the natural result of cramming such a big cast of hot young things onto one set for several months out of the year. Either way, congrats to the happy couple!

Is this the wedding of the century, or are you holding out for a whole other "Glee" romance?