Shailene Woodley Talks Acting, Herbs With Marie Claire

Brace yourselves, y'all: This petite Marie Claire feature on Shailene Woodley might not seem like the first drop in a non-stop deluge, but that's just because none of her hotly anticipated movies have dropped just yet. Once "The Spectacular Now" makes its way to theaters, followed by "Divergent," followed by "The Fault in Our Stars"...well, let's just say that you'll have to burrow at least 100 feet underground to not be hearing about the actress. (And even then, a vole or an earthworm or something will probably come up to you like, "Gurl, have you seen those pics of Shailene's pixie cut for "TFiOS"? OMG I'M SO STOKED.")

In the meantime, though, Shailene still has a few months before she's officially mega-famous—and she can still keep a pretty cool perspective on her Hollywood life. One of the most interesting takeaways from her interview: the way she's had to reconcile her earthy leanings with the decidedly surface-y glitz and glam of being famous, and how it helped her connect to the character of Tris in "Divergent".

"We are similar in many ways," she said. "She constantly struggles between two worlds, the old and the new. I struggle in real life trying to balance my natural connection to the earth and the somewhat materialistic side of the industry I am in."

For now, it seems like she's doing fine. And there are lots of relatable tidbits of insight in her interview with the magazine. Like, her career alternative if the acting doesn't work out? Herbalist. Neat.

What do you think of Shailene's latest interview?