Taylor Lautner Goes Red-Carpet Casual At 'Growns Ups 2' Premiere

If you're feeling nostalgic for the days of yore, when at any given moment, you could walk into a movie theater and see Taylor Lautner shapeshifting into a hairy beast...uh, this isn't exactly the same, but it's the closest we're gonna get. The actor was on the red carpet last night for the premiere of "Grown Ups 2," sporting a lovely layer of wolfish scruff on his chinny-chin-chin—and while he wasn't shirtless (boo! hiss!), he was wearing a very stylish leather jacket, which is obviously the next best thing.

Taylor, who plays a frat boy in the film (a sequel to the original raunch comedy "Grown Ups"), wasn't the only good-looking dude to give it some box-office draw; also on the red carpet last night was Patrick Schwarzenegger, who's ever so slightly less cleft-of-chin than his celebrity dad, but still extremely recognizable as a proud heir of Arnold's schmexy good looks. So, there you have it: two excellent reasons to see this movie, apart from the poop jokes, although those are certainly fun, too.

Have Taylor and Patrick convinced you to grab a ticket for "Grown Ups 2"?