'True Blood' Actor Rob Kazinsky On The Big Warlow Reveal

After nearly six seasons of HBO's addictive "True Blood," we thought we'd met nearly every kind of supe imaginable. How silly of us. Because during Sunday's delicious episode, "At Last," we were introduced to a hybrid we never thought possible: the faerie-vampire. And, surprisingly, that wasn't even the biggest reveal of the episode. Nope. As it turns out, the faerie-vampire in question—seemingly mild-mannered drifter Ben Flynn—is actually the big bad Warlow! AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH.

The revelation was a stunner, to be sure, one that actor Rob Kazinsky was happy to finally be open about.

"It's great to be playing him," the actor told us during the red-carpet premiere for "Pacific Rim," the Guillermo del Toro film in which he stars. "Obviously, I've known for a very long time, and I've been waiting for this moment. In all the interviews I've done, I've had to talk about Ben, and Ben is boring. Being able to play Warlow and actually have people talk about that and have people know that I'm this 6,000-year-old super-psychotic vampire; that's super-exciting."

And while it may seem that the bloodsucker doesn't have the best intentions for his "betrothed," Sookie Stackhouse, Rob says not so fast!

"This is the thing to understand: What Ben said to Sookie during the first four episodes was absolutely true," Rob explained. "He hasn't been lying, but he understood that the preconception of the name 'Warlow' means too much to be able to introduce yourself to the woman you want to marry as, 'Hi, I killed your parents. Let's get married.' Making her understand his intentions and his heart was more important."

Ben/Warlow will further explain these intentions during the upcoming episode, "F--- the Pain Away," airing on Sunday. (Honestly, the episode title alone has us super-intrigued...)

Click play on the video above to hear more from Rob, including what could happen when a 6,000-year-old vampire "lets go."

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