'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Gamma Zeta Die'

Pretty Little LiarsAt one point or another, all of the "Pretty Little Liars" girls have made some truly terrible life decisions. But Hanna decided to take her father’s gun, which she suspects her mother used to murder the police detective who was investigating her BFF’s disappearance and death, to a frat party. Is it any surprise girlfriend was cuffed and escorted to the back of a police cruiser by episode’s end?

It's not the first time Hanna's been handcuffed—remember that whole shoplifting debacle from season one? (Actually, she might not have technically been handcuffed, it was so long ago I don’t actually remember. It was like six months ago on the show but real human years are like dog years in Rosewood time.) But it is the first time she could face some real consequences for her careless actions. It doesn’t matter that she was only trying to do something to help her mother—it was a stupid move. Of course, we’re not exactly sure why she was arrested, so we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Hanna’s arrest wasn’t the only threatening move A engineered in "Gamma Zeta Die": she (or he) also attacked Aria’s mom with bees. Can you actually think of a more terrifying situation than being swarmed by bees in your own car? Because that is a horror movie way to die if I ever saw one. At least she wasn’t, like, Thomas J-level allergic or anything.

The bee assault came as Ella decided not to go to Austria with her baker boyfriend because Aria’s little brother didn’t want her to. SHOCKING NEWS: Aria’s brother is still alive! But after a talk with Byron, young Mike (who still exists) changed his mind and gave his mom his blessing to follow her dreams. YOLO, right?

Meanwhile, Spencer and Emily accompanied Spencer’s ivy league admissions coach (yes, that is a real occupation that some people apparently have) to the fictional Cicero University not to look at the potential school but to find the phone at the other end of the number Ali’s parrot chirped at them a few weeks ago. Guess where they found it? In a secret room at the sorority where they attended a proper college rager.

Who do you think Ali was talking to at the sorority? Was it house mother Carla Grunwald, whose face was in a picture frame A dusted off at the end of the episode? What’s going to happen to Hanna? Do you think they’re going to arrest her for Wilden’s murder or for being an idiot and taking a gun (that didn’t even belong to her) to a party full of drunk people? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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