Saoirse Ronan Takes The Plunge In EXCLUSIVE 'The Host' Featurette

If you somehow missed the excitement of "The Host" when it was in theaters, there's some behind-the-scenes stuff in this EXCLUSIVE featurette that'll have you running out the door, like a rabid madman, to snag it on DVD/Blu-ray today. Intrigued? Then get clicking, my friend, because only here can you see author Stephenie Meyer gushing over the amazing talents of Saoirse Ronan in bringing her characters to life—and only here can you find out whether Saoirse chickened out when it came time to do the scary stunt work in the action-packed film. (Hint: Not bloody likely. She's a boss.)

"The Host" tells the story of Melanie, one of the last uninfected survivors of an alien plague that infests the bodies of human hosts with the consciousness of invading "souls"; after being captured and claimed by the world's extraterrestrial overlords, a struggle for control between her human self and her alien overtaker finds her fleeing into the desert in search of other survivors, and the boy she once loved. It's a super-exciting love story with lots of apocalyptic thrills, and this glimpse into the making of the movie should be all the impetus you need to watch it immediately.

"The Host" is available on DVD/Blu-ray today.

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