Is James Franco The Veronica Mars Movie's New Mystery Man?

James FrancoCould we get Veronica Mars on the case, here? There's a weird, fabulous rumor floating 'round the internets about the petite detective's upcoming feature film, and it needs investigation. The gossip, from an unnamed source cited over at Zap2it, is as follows: that James Franco, the illustrious actor, musician, writer, artist, and several other things we can't quite remember, will be making an appearance in the "Veronica Mars" movie—and, because it's apparently his new favorite thing to do, he'll be playing himself.

The rumor is that James will be making a celebrity cameo as the victim of a cellphone hacker-like invasion, in which some nefarious person has taken clandestine footage of celebs at home and tried to sell it on the black market. (The details of said footage: a mystery! Which means we can just go ahead and assume it's a secret video of James Franco dancing nude to ABBA with his cat while wearing a visor made of roast beef. Because why not.)

But if it's true, James will be right at home in a seriously star-studded cast; "Veronica Mars" was a guest-spot stop for tons of celebrity A-listers back in the day, and the movie has promised to bring back many familiar (and some super-famous) faces when it makes its big-screen debut next year.

Would you want to see James Franco make a "Veronica Mars" cameo?