'Beautiful Bastard' Gets A Scriptrix

Stephanie SanditzThe beautiful bastard of our steamiest dreams is one step closer to a hot date with the big screen: "Beautiful Bastard," the movie adaptation of the book by writing duo Christina Lauren, now has a screenwriter on board!

The Beautiful Bastard Film Fansite has it straight from the source: Stephanie Sanditz, who also made headlines recently when she was tapped to write the script for a film adaptation of "The Infernal Devices," said that she's definitely on board the effort to bring "Beautiful Bastard" to theaters...right before a second confirmation of the same news, via Twitter, from one of the book's authors.

"Beautiful Bastard" tells the story of Bennett, a misanthropic executive with a gorgeous face, and Chloe, the innocent young assistant whose mere presence in his field of view drives him to distraction—and some seriously dirty desires. The passion is percolating, the tension is rising and you just know it'll be only a matter of time before the two of them are hate-sexing each other all over the photocopier, obviously. In other words: This is one spicy office fling that needs to be movie material, already! And since finding a writer was at the top of the to-do list the last time we chatted with the authors, this must mean that we can move on to the even more anticipation-laden bits of the process of getting this book to the big screen...like debating which of Hollywood's leading men is hot enough to make workplace sexual harassment look like basically the best thing ever.

Are you ready and waiting for "Beautiful Bastard" to come to a theater near you?

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