Style Superstar: Rinko Kikuchi Vamps It Up

It's as hot as Satan's armpit out there, and if you're anything like us, you've spent the past few days sporting the most flimsy, threadbare, lightweight looks to be had from your summertime wardrobe. But if you're this week's Style Superstar? PFFFT. Such piddling concerns as "breathability" and "not passing out in a puddle of your own flop sweat" are not to be trifled with—not when there is fashion on the line.

Which brings us to Rinko Kikuchi, and her breathtaking look from the "Pacific Rim" premiere in Mexico City. This stunning Marios Schwab gown with an illusion neckline and burgundy satin sleeves isn't what we'd pick for a humid evening near the equator, but she's working it! The color is gorgeous on her, and the dress's unique details transcend its slightly unseasonable character; that embroidered mesh skirt gives lots of light and movement to what would've otherwise been a stiff, wintry look. Add in the surprise of a chunky shard choker to the sophistication of deep aubergine lipstick and sleek hair, and Rinko wins it by miles for the title of Style Superstar.

Meanwhile, Clemence Poesy also broke out a covered-up look at Paris Fashion Week, where she was front-row for the Chanel show. But where Rinko's dress had a strapless silhouette and sheer skirt to keep things light, this black dress with a tuxedo-inspired bodice just looks hot, in the literal sense of the word. Not even the strappy shoes could stop this from being too heavy and buttoned-up for summertime. Her hair and makeup is flawless as always, though.

What do you think of this week's stylish stars?