Demi Lovato Hints That She's Feeling 'Divergent'

Demi LovatoToday in exciting theories about our favorite celebs: Could it be that Demi Lovato, the lovely and talented artist and "X Factor" judge, is as big a fan of YA literature as we are? Let's just say that it seems delightfully likely!

Fresh on the heels of the announcement that Demi would have a new song, "Heart by Heart," on the soundtrack for "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones," the singer hinted at another book-to-film adaptation that she'd like to make a musical contribution to—retweeting a fan's suggestion that her new song "Fire Starter" would make a perfect addition to the soundtrack for "Divergent."

The original tweet from @melcfly read, "Fire Starter HAS to be on Divergent's soundtrack. IT IS SO DAUNTLESS AND TRIS AND SKFNSLFNALFJ."

Apparently, Demi agrees that "Fire Starter" is, indeed, very Dauntless and Tris and skfnslfnalfj. (True story: Just the other day, we were like, hey, isn't Demi's new album just so skfnslfnalfj? Especially when she skfnslfnalfj the skfnslfnalfj on that skfnslfnalfjing skfnslfnalfj!) And what if it doesn't stop there?! Could we be seeing her on the soundtracks for "Maze Runner" and "The Fault in Our Stars," too? Is making music for amazing YA books-turned-movies her artistic destiny? DISCUSS.

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