'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Face Time'

Pretty Little Liarsby Lauren Mandel

If there was any doubt left in our minds that Melissa Hastings is not as perfect as she pretends to be, then "Face Time" definitely confirmed that she's just as paranoid as our pretty little liars. In the season’s most heated confrontation yet, Spencer finally gets answers from her sister as to what really happened on the Halloween train...well, most answers anyway. As per "Pretty Little Liar" fashion, our biggest questions have yet to be answer, but enough was eluded to to hold us over until next week!

You know the girls are in trouble when Emily’s dad returns to Rosewood after receiving a call from Child Protective Services. With news that Emily will be unable to swim until her shoulder heals, the Fieldses are determined to find out what happened the night of their daughter’s injury, but when the fighting becomes too loud, the neighbors call the cops reporting a domestic disturbance that ends in a police visit to the house.

Em’s not the only little liar caught up in family affairs. When Spencer finally works up the courage to tell her mom and sister that she was rejected from their family alma matter, UPenn, her mom goes into complete denial, leaving Melissa enough time to step in and offer to help find her sister a way in through regular admission. Sounds too good to be true, right? Let’s hope our own Nancy Drew can see through this one.

Things really begin to heat up when the new cutie in town, Officer Holbrook, brings in a new partner, Lieutenant Tanner, to assist him in solving the murder of Detective Wilden. Their first investigation puts Hanna’s mom, Ashley, in quite an uncomfortable position as they ask her to pull out Det. Wilden’s safe deposit box, finding over a thousand dollars in cash, two passports and a handgun! This clearly screams Wilden was the bad guy, but by the look on Ashley’s face, it’s pretty evident this was not the first time she’d seen that gun.

After Hanna’s mom shockingly admits to her that she was in Rosewood the night of Wilden’s murder, Hanna decides to do some investigating of her own. She refuses to think her mom is the murder. Leave it to Hanna to get involved with the wrong people when she sits down with Lt. Tanner to try and plant Melissa Hastings at the center of the murder case. Just before Hanna can get herself in any real trouble, Caleb rescues her from the conversation. Phew, that was a close one!

Speaking of boyfriends, Toby, in search of more answers, meets Dr. Palmer and has the weirdest, most disturbing conversation about his mother. Just when Toby thought he was getting what he needed to hear about his mother’s death, Dr. Palmer tells him to keep that blonde girl away from his mother. “There’s something wrong with the air around that one,” he says, leaving Toby speechless. Expect more on this in the coming episodes for sure! Anyone else get the chills during this scene? Perhaps Dr. Palmer wasn’t a doctor after all, but a patient at Radley himself!

Meanwhile, Aria and Spencer devise a plan to catch Melissa’s reaction to their one piece of evidence: the mask. They bury it in her suitcase and wait outside as she opens it and realizes exactly where it came from. The girls follow Melissa to Hector’s where they watch her drag out a sack of masks to dispose of in the water. As Spencer follows her sister, Aria finds herself surrounded by more face masks of Alison in Hector’s back room. When she asks who Ali was with in the flashback, Hector refuses to trade anymore information without a molding of Aria’s face, which she declines. We always knew she was the smart one!

So, here’s what we got from the epic Hastings sister show down. (And yes I had to rewind it three times to make sure I didn't miss a beat):

It turns out Hanna’s not the only one questioning Ali’s death. Melissa explains that she ended up at Hector’s to find out if Ali made her mask before or after her disappearance. Then, Melissa admits to being on the Halloween train, but she explains that Wilden, who was wearing the same costume, was the one who tried to kill Aria and Spencer under orders of a mysterious person, who we’ll just assume for now is A. Melissa explains that she and the N.A.T. Club were afraid of Wilden that night and didn’t know about the planned murders until it was too late and Garret became more important. She claims she has known about everything since before it started and that she has been trying to protect Spencer, which is why she sent Jenna and Shana to follow the four girls the night of the fire. While Jenna and Shana saw Wilden start the fire they couldn’t figure out who pulled everyone out. If it was Red Coat, then who was giving Wilden orders? Maybe the objective wasn’t to kill the girls after all.

Spencer then hits Melissa with the one question we can’t get off our minds: Why does she think Alison is still alive? And when Melissa doesn't answer, she leaves Spencer with no choice but to ask if she killed Det. Wilden, which she doesn't even deny!

So who really killed Wilden? If you’re team Ashley you might be thinking she stashed the gun in Wilden’s safe deposit box thinking nobody would ever look there! But if you’re ready to see Melissa pay, once and for all, let’s hope she’s not gone for good! Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments and on Twitter!