Peep Five EXCLUSIVE Stills From 'The Maze Runner'!

Never before have we been this excited about a bunch of non-descript pictures of grimy, sweaty young men (plus one occasional girl) running around a barren landscape for no apparent reason: The first, EXCLUSIVE batch of stills from the upcoming "Maze Runner" movie made their debut on MTV, and ohmigod, they're fabulous. Everyone is so sweaty! And scared-looking! And carrying machetes!

This first look at the movie adaptation of the bestselling dystopian novel is all we'd ever hoped for in a sneak peek...minus a glimpse of the maze-dwelling monsters, of course, but whatever, you can't have everything.

The five new stills mostly show the film's cast—led by Dylan O'Brien and with supporting stars Kaya Scodelario, Aml Ameen and Thomas Brodie-Sangster—as they negotiate the terrors of the concrete maze and grassy Glade where they've been mysteriously dumped by captors unknown.

One shot shows the group running, torches and weapons in hand, toward the dark, creepy opening to the film's titular maze; another shows them running away with freaked-out faces from some unseen menace, or maybe a fire! And if you'd ever wondered what the delivery system looks like that conveys the kids from the outside world to their home at the center of the maze, it appears that we're getting a peek at it here: that shot of the boys surrounding a metal cage set into the ground is almost definitely from the part where Teresa, the maze's only female resident, arrives on the scene. (And judging by the doofy grins on the boys' faces, she's a welcome addition.)

Click on the image above to see our entire gallery!

"The Maze Runner" hits theaters February 14, 2014.

What do you think of this first peek at "The Maze Runner"?