Sam Rockwell And A Gimp Go Way, Way Back In New After Hours

You know what's weird? Up until literally two minutes ago, we always thought it would be fun and exciting to arrive at a hotel, only to discover that—through some sort of fortuitous front-desk screw-up—we'd actually be sharing a single room with mega-talented actor Sam Rockwell (star of "The Way, Way Back"). Seems like kind of a good time, right? But thanks to Josh Horowitz and the latest episode of After Hours, we can scrub that little fantasy right off our psyche, because this is some weirdo shizz, y'all.

The deal is as follows: In this latest installment of our series, MTV's ubiquitous celebrity interviewer finds himself having a surprise sleepover with Sam...and an unusual guest, who you might recognize from either a) mid-1990s hit film "Pulp Fiction", or b) the first season of "American Horror Story," in which a mysterious latex-clad entity created much hullabaloo in Murder House. (Personally, we'd feel better assuming that it's Evan Peters in there? But you are your own master!)

What happens when the man in the black rubber sex suit shows up to party with Sam Rockwell and the hapless Josh? We'll give you a hint: nothing good! Although we will say this: Nobody douses anybody's underpants with water and then sticks them in the freezer, which means this is still pretty much the least sadistic slumber party we've ever seen.

What do you think of the latest After Hours?