'Divergent' First Footage Will Debut At Comic-Con

DivergentGird your loins, "Divergent" fans—and prepare to keep 'em clenched nice and tight for the next few weeks, right on up to the great Comic-Con gathering of glorious geeks taking place in beautiful San Diego later this month.

The reason for all this loin-girding? Some extremely exciting scoop from Summit Entertainment, who announced today that the first-ever footage from the dystopian teen thriller will be debuting July 18 at the Con, right alongside a panel discussion with the film's heavy hitters both on-screen and behind the camera. Stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James will be there, plus author Veronica Roth and director Neil Burger.

This is some seriously top-secret stuff, so there's not so much as a whisper yet about what moment from the story we might be seeing in this first glimpse of the "Divergent" movie. (Personally, we'd like to see some knife-throwing scenes from the Dauntless compound—but we'll settle for a shot or two of Tris jumping onto a moving train.)

Either way, we'll be there to see exactly how much excitement follows the big reveal: MTV is headed to Comic-Con for the duration, beginning with the "Teen Wolf" panel on July 17 and featuring interviews and special exclusives all weekend long.

And "Divergent isn't the only movie making a major announcement at the big West Coast geekstravaganza: The producers of "Catching Fire" have promised a brand-new trailer for the long-awaited sequel to last year's "The Hunger Game" as well. So basically, you should be gearing up for a non-stop multi-day nerdgasm from the moment the first cosplayer hits the floor.

Are you already dying with excitement over the upcoming "Divergent" first look? What do you hope to see? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!