What's In The 'Mortal Instruments' Costume Closet?

Every "Mortal Instruments" fan knows that shadowhunting is more than just an action-packed profession. It also comes with its own high-maintenance style code: rune tattoos, shizz-kicking boots and lots and lots of leather. So when we caught up with the cast of "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" on the set of the upcoming film, we had to ask: How's it going on the fashion front?

"It's very sexy, it's very edgy, but it's not costume-y," said Lily Collins of the distinctive style that the filmmakers developed for their cadre of demon-slaying teens. "It's very much a look. Everyone's in leather, leather and buckles and chains."

Of course, dark heroes in leather pants are hardly a new thing for Hollywood, so director Harald Zwart had his work cut out for him when it came time to fill out the characters' wardrobes.

"How do you find a kind of goth, leather look that hasn't been done a million times before, and not too S&M, and not too this or that?" he mused. "It's search and find."

And while no two Shadowhunter looks are exactly alike, Kevin Zegers (who plays Alec Lightwood) assured us that everyone on screen is wearing 100 percent the real thing.

"There's no pleather, trust me," he said.

Meanwhile, putting together the Shadowhunters' wardrobe was a challenge for reasons beyond the aesthetic: the costumes don't just have to look good, they have to look good and stay put even after being put through the wringer of the film's many, many athletic action scenes. It's hard on the clothes; it's even harder on the people wearing them.

"It's not easy to do stunts in boots and heels and leather and wearing a harness under tight leather pants," Lily admitted. "That's a little difficult. But it's been really fun."

"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" hits theaters August 21.

Are you psyched to see Lily and the rest of the "Mortal Instruments" cast sporting Shadowhunter style on-screen?