Style Superstar: Miley Cyrus Wears Blue, Is The Bomb

The past year has really been a journey of style self-discovery for Miley Cyrus, between lopping her long locks into a spiky platinum pixie cut and testing out a range of looks from Punk Pretty to Goth Glam to Harlequin Clown Being Eaten By Carnivorous Doilies. And like any star trying to pin down her own unique fashion aesthetic, Miley's definitely had a few hit-or-miss moments on the red carpet in 2013. But man, when she hits it? She hits it. Just look at her arriving at Sony Studios this week, in a lovely set of Emilio Pucci silk separates.

An embroidered cropped bomber jacket and figure-skimming skirt in sumptuous cobalt silk: these are the accouterments of a Style Superstar. This is a flattering and fun look—we love the unexpected details, like the cutout accents on the jacket's shoulders and the peeky pom-pom buttons that line the hips—but the greatest thing about this ensemble is how comfortably Miley wears it: with the quiet confidence of a girl who knows she belongs on the best-dressed list. Also, her hair looks great like this; it's such a nice break from her usual quiff.

Meanwhile, the rest of this week's outfits were so unremarkable in either direction that we were having a terrible time finding someone to showcase for the not-so-stylish side of our Style Superstar feature... which is why we'd like to thank Zosia Mamet for apparently rolling out of bed in a large men's T-shirt the eve of the "Heat" premiere, and deciding to just say, "Screw it," throw some shoes on and go. Zosia's been looking great at literally every other thing she's appeared at, so clearly she did this as a favor to us, saving us the pain of having to settle for picking on some minor fashion offense like a too-long hemline or a slightly wrong pair of shoes. Because this is, no question, fantabulously bad. Thanks, girl!

What do you think of this week's best and worst dressed?