Everything We Know About The 'Veronica Mars' Movie So Far

Kristen BellA couple months ago, "Veronica Mars" fans were alerted (thanks to the sound of elated shrieking emanating from every corner of the internet) that the long-awaited big-screen adaptation of their beloved show was finally, actually happening—and there was much rejoicing, with the fist-pumping and confetti-throwing going on pretty much non-stop ever since the announcement.

After all, it's a big deal: the realization of a dream that began with the cancellation of the series six years ago, and one that suffered so many setbacks and dead ends, it seemed for a good long while there like it was never gonna happen. But now, with a 2014 release date and filming officially underway in L.A., there's no question that Veronica will shortly be in a theater near you. Here's what we know so far about the little movie that could!

It's the most successful film in Kickstarter history.

The project was announced on March 13 with a fundraising goal of $2 million—a goal which excited fans helped the film reach within 10 hours. TEN. HOURS. Ultimately, the Kickstarter campaign closed having raised a total of $5,702,153...which should buy a whole lot of cool detective toys for the illustrious Veronica and her private-eye dad.

Neptune will be full of familiar faces...

In addition to leading lady Kristen Bell, the list of returning actors include both major cast members and minor guest stars—some of whom have become major celebrities since their appearances on the show. Among them: Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars), Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas), Krysten Ritter (Gia Goodman), Max Greenfield (Deputy Leo), Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls), Chris Lowell (Stosh "Piz" Piznarski), Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel), Francis Capra (Eli "Weevil" Navarro), Christine Lakin (Susan Knight), Daran Norris (Cliff McCormack), Amanda Noret (Madison Sinclair), Tina Majorino (Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie), Brandon Hillock (Deputy Sacks), Jonathan Chesner (Corny), Kevin Sheridan (Sean Friedrich), Sam Huntington (Luke Haldeman), Ken Marino (Vinnie Van Lowe) and Leighton Meester (Carrie Bishop).

...and familiar places, too.

The 09ER club from the show will be featured in the "Veronica Mars" movie, too—under new management by a character from the original series. (Remember, it's been 10 years!)

And if you're looking for inside scoop from behind the scenes?

Kristen Bell is sharing her excitement about the filming process on Twitter every step of the way!

Got any fun facts to share about the Veronica Mars movie?