Emma Watson Talks Stiletto Injuries, Red Carpet Ride-Alongs

Emma WatsonErmahgerd you guys, Emma Watson looks so freakin' pretty on the cover of July's Teen Vogue! The actress usually gets vamped to the gills when she does a magazine photo shoot (possibly because people still love the novelty of seeing Hermione Granger go glam), but this time around, she's looking fresh-faced and laid-back in a spare, punk-styled photo series by Boo George. And in her interview, she talked about the peculiarities of fame, the impossibility of plans and being a consummate professional.

These days, Emma seems to have more or less come to terms with her celebrity status —at least insofar as keeping a low profile when not promoting a movie, and keeping out of the gossip rags. But the actress also admitted that there are still things about the entertainment biz that drive her a little bit crazy:

"I wish so badly that I could have a plan," she said. "I'm someone who likes to be organized and know what she's doing, and this industry just does not permit that in any shape or form."

Not to mention that even in the moment, things can always take a turn for the unpredictable. While discussing her latest movie, "The Bling Ring," Emma discovered that even fake parties carry real hazards.

"We were doing a scene in a nightclub," she recalled, "and this girl accidentally put her stiletto through my toe! And the crazy thing is, I had so much adrenaline going through my system that I just kept dancing until, finally, I looked down at my foot and saw the blood."

But even without the luxury of knowing where she'll be next year—or knowing when the next overzealous extra might maim one of her feet—Emma has found a few reliable ways to mitigate the weirdness of the world she lives in.

She said, "Every now and again, I feel a bit wobbly before hitting a red carpet. So it's always nice to bring friends, especially because I love to see their reactions. It's not normal to get out of a car and have, like, 80 people screaming at you, and so when they say, 'This is crazy,' it makes me feel slightly more sane."

Dude! That is crazy! Y'know, just in case Emma needs someone to ride along to her next red carpet; Emma, we'll totally be your best friend and tell you how crazy it is.

What do you think of Emma's Teen Vogue cover?