Lily Collins Tells Off Logan Lerman In This EXCLUSIVE 'Stuck In Love' Clip

Are you in the mood to spend the next several minutes jumping up and down in front of your computer screen, yelling, "What the #$@& is WRONG with you?!" at smug, sassy little Lily Collins?

WELL. In that case, we have the world's most infuriating/awesome exclusive clip from "Stuck in Love" to share with you, in which Lily alienates a potential suitor with her snarky observations about the meaninglessness of human existence, and then, for reasons beyond all possible comprehension, rebuffs the let's-be-friends advances of the adorable (and remarkably assertive!) Logan Lerman.

In this indie drama, Lily plays Sam, a literary lady whose only interests are writing books and having sex — preferably with guys who she'll never see or speak to again. But despite her best efforts to go through life utterly unattached to anyone, ever, one young man (played by Logan, of course) makes it his mission to show her that there's joy to be had in connecting emotionally to other human beings, especially human beings with impeccably handsome faces who absolutely will be friends with you whether you like it or not. The movie features a great ensemble cast (Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly also star), and it's being directed by Josh Boone, who's also in charge of the wildly-anticipated screen adaptation of "The Fault in Our Stars".

"Stuck in Love" hits theaters July 5th.

What do you think of this exclusive peek at "Stuck in Love"?