Style Superstar: Kylie Minogue Wins It In Silk Chiffon

Stars! They're just like us! You know, except for the part where they're beautiful and flawless and marvelously wealthy, and they swan around New York City wearing gorgeous flowing formal silk pantsuits the likes of which mere mortals can only dream of. Case in point: Kylie Minogue, who donned this Roberto Cavalli number for a Tuesday morning stroll around Manhattan.

In our wildest fantasies, we wear something like this while lounging poolside at our 10-acre country estate, while a cabana boy in a seersucker thong brings us never-ending glasses of cucumber-infused Perrier. But Kylie tossed on the gauzy peach-and-green printed trousers and twin-slit dress just for kicking around the city, completing her effortlessly glamorous look with a twice-looped necklace and a bright white clutch. Which is, of course, why she's a Style Superstar.

And speaking of fabulously inaccessible fashion: the reign of jumpsuits continued this week, as Petra Nemcova donned a bright yellow, tapered-leg version of the notoriously hard-to-pull-off look for Clinique's "Dramatically Different" party. Which she can do, because she's Petra Nemcova. But while she makes it work—we love the metallic sea-green sandals and pop of bright red lipstick with this goldenrod-colored onesie—this look loses points for the sheer fact of its being impossible to wear for anyone but Petra, which is clearly very unfair in a "Let them eat cake" sort of way.

What do you think of this week's fashion picks?