Sneak Peek Pics From Dianna Agron's Upcoming Film 'The Family'

Prolific writer-director Luc Besson, also known as the man with the very particular set of skills who wrote the script for "Taken," is back in theaters this September with a cool, quirky action-comedy that we're already dying to see—not least because a familiar face from McKinley High is amongst the talented cast! Dianna Agron took a break from her song-and-dance routine on "Glee" to star as a member of "The Family," and today, we've got two exclusive stills of her from the film.

Here's the deal: We'll tell you what's up with this movie, and you try to guess what's up in these photos. Ready? The film centers on a mafia boss (played by Robert De Niro, of course), who's forced into witness protection along with his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) and kids (Dianna and John D'Leo) after he has a crisis of conscience and rats out his fellow gangsters. But there'll be no pedestrian, suburban-southwest relocation for this family; instead, the powers that be send them overseas to a sleepy small town in France! ...Where, predictably, the culture shock causes them to act out in attention-getting, mobby ways. (We're taking bets now on the likelihood of someone getting whacked with a baguette.)

So enjoy our sneak-peeky pics of Dianna in action with her on-screen baby bro, and mark your calendar for this fun, Frenchified take on mafiosi mayhem! "The Family" is out in theaters September 13.

Are you psyched to see Dianna in this big-screen role?

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