Joe Jonas Talks Getting Buzzed

by Lauren Mandel

The Jonas Brothers are back with new music, so naturally, Joe Jonas is debuting a new haircut, too!

"I've always had long hair, and it's kind of nice to do it for the summer. It's always so hot and extreme," Joe explained to MTV News before kicking off the O Music Awards (where he took home the award for Best Instagram Artist).

And we can't disagree with that since, as they frequently do, the boys are celebrating summer with a music tour across the country, giving fans a taste of their upcoming album.

Joe’s more mature shaved look definitely reflects the brother’s new sound on their latest singles "Pom Poms" and "First Time." We look forward to seeing what else will change with the release of the album later this year.

(Oh, and if anyone is wondering what the deal is with Joe’s new facial hair? The jokester couldn’t help but add: "I just moved all my hair to my face.")

Check out the Jo Bros performing "Pom Poms" at the O Music Awards!

What do you think of Joe’s new look?