Peep EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer For Sci-Fi Superstory 'Entangled'

If you've ever dreamed of a wild mash-up story that's like "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" meets "Ender's Game" meets "Dollhouse" meets that James Buddy Rogers blues song about being besties with a guitar...then you have some really bizarre and peculiarly specific desires, my friend. And yet, if that is what you've always wanted, then today's the best day of your life! Because Amy Rose Capetta's "Entangled," a new YA novel that puts a rock musician heroine front and center in a rad sci-fi story that's unlike anything you've ever seen, is on its way to bookstore shelves. And just 'cause we know what you like, we've got the EXCLUSIVE debut of the official trailer available right now.

In a far-away galaxy, a thousand years in the future, a teenage girl named Cade survives alone in a hostile world with only her guitar for company. But unbeknownst to her, she was born with a curious destiny: having been "born" to genetic engineers in high-tech lab, Cade is subatomically connected to a boy named Xan, and she needs to cross the universe to find him. So basically, it's a sci-fi rock'n'roll buddy space? Yeah, this one's going on our must-read list faster than you can say "paranoid android."

"Entangled" will be out in October of this year.

Are you dying to check out "Entangled"?