Nat Wolff Admits It Was Hard Punching 'Good Guy' Patrick Schwarzenegger

by Rachel Samples

We all know Nat Wolff as one-half of Nickelodeon's "Naked Brothers Band," but in his upcoming film, "Stuck in Love," the actor is setting aside his guitar and putting up his dukes.

In the dramedy, which chronicles one family's struggle with romantic relationships, Nat faces off with (and punches out) Patrick Schwarzenegger, all in the name of his sister Lily Collins' honor.

"I was so excited when I read the script that I get to do that," Nat recently enthused to MTV News.

Yet, the 18-year-old did have reservations about socking Patrick's pretty mug—seeing as the model/actor is such a nice dude in real life, despite playing a douche-bag on screen.

"Well, it turns out that the Terminator’s son is a really good guy, which made it a little bit harder," Nat said. "But he's such a jerk in the movie that it was pretty easy to pretend he's a jerk in real life and punch him as hard as I could."

In fact, what came less easy was bringing an air of authenticity to the altercation.

"The funny thing was, it took a couple of takes where I was doing it, and I think it was [director] Josh [Boone] who came up to me and said, 'Don't you think your hand would hurt after you punch him?' I said, 'Yeah, that's probably true.' Because I was thinking I was some superhero or some boxing champion. In reality, if I was to punch you right now, I'd probably break my hand. So there's this moment when I'm sorta in pain, and I like that."

You can see more of Nat (and Patrick and Lily) when "Stuck in Love" hits theaters in limited release on July 5.

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