Peep Our Exclusive Trailer For Summer Romance 'The Spectacular Now'

If you're looking to feel some feelings this summer with a perfect indie romance—you know, the kind of film that'll tug-tug-tug at your heartstrings for an hour before ripping the whole dang organ out of your chest and stomping it into jelly—then look no further than "The Spectacular Now". MTV has the exclusive trailer debut for this lusty young love story, starring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, and wow, it looks so wrenching and real and amazing that we can't even stand it.

The movie centers on Sutter, one of those teenaged goldenboys who drives a hot car, dates a hot girl, and loves to spew breezy platitudes about the joys of "living in the now" (probably because The Now is a delightful affirmation for Sutter that he is, in fact, the most awesome dude in the world—whereas for most high school students, The Now is the hard, humiliating, acne-ridden slog you endure in order to get to The Future, where things will undoubtedly be better, or at least less pimply.) But when Sutter wakes up on a stranger's lawn after a binge-drinking bender, he finds himself in a conversation—and then an unlikely friendship—with Aimee, a girl he's gone to school with forever but always overlooked. And romance ensues, because of course it does, but will it last? Or will their relationship crash and burn, leaving us all devastated and crying into our cat about how cruel it is to be young and in love? We'll have to wait and see... but we should probably all waterproof our cats now, just in case.

"The Spectacular Now" is out in theaters August 2.

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