The Pandas Are Coming! ...In Our EXCLUSIVE 'Theory Of Everything' Book Trailer

String theory physics, cute hipster fashion, 1980s hit music and shaman pandas to guide you through it all: This is the marvelous world of "The Theory of Everything," a.k.a. a world we would like to drop everything and start living in right this minute. But we'll settle for adding the book to the very tippy-top of our reading list and watching the EXCLUSIVE debut of its cute, cute trailer. And so can you! We've got it! Right here! With the pandas!

"The Theory of Everything" is a new novel from eclectic literary superstar Kari Luna (whose talents also include world traveling and the professional-grade consumption of apricots). In it, a teenage girl named Sophie Sophia finds herself falling down an intellectual rabbit-hole—except that instead of rabbits, the rabbit-hole is full of pandas—as she tries to retrace the steps of her father, a brilliant physics professor who had a habit of seeing unusual things before he disappeared. Curious? Us, too! But the book doesn't hit shelves until July 11, so for now, let's all peek at the interest-piquing book trailer and place bets on the probability of finding the perfect panda suit to wear for the big debut. (Trailer music provided by Marmoset; Forgetting Goodbye by Medium Size Kids.)

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