Taylor Lautner's Lady Love Found By 'Tracers'

Marie AvgeropoulosIf Stone Cold Action Star is your favorite flavor of Taylor Lautner, you'll want to keep an eye out for the actor's upcoming thriller "Tracers," due for a 2014 release. The film stars Taylor as a bike messenger named Cam, who after crashing into a beautiful stranger is lured into the intriguing world of parkour.

But let's set aside visions of a rebounding Taylor Lautner for a moment to focus on what really matters: the romance. Specifically, which pretty young thing will play the hunk's lady love? That would be Marie Avgeropoulos.

The casting news comes via Deadline, who reports the 27-year-old actress will join the project as a skater girl (not to be confused with a Sk8er Girl), who runs with a group of thugs and eventually lures Taylor's Cam into a dangerous love triangle.

You may recognize Marie from turns on "The Inbetweeners" and "Cult," while she can be seen next in the mid-season sci-fi series "The 100" on The CW.

For his part, Taylor will show off a very different part of his anatomy—his funny bone!—in the upcoming "Grown Ups 2," alongside Adam Sandler.

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