'True Blood' Season 6: What To Expect

If the ad campaign for the sixth season of HBO's "True Blood" has taught us anything, it's that no one lives forever—not even hot immortal bloodsuckers. Now, how that tagline will play out in the upcoming episodes—in which vampires and humans are more at odds than they've been since the undead's coming out—remains to be seen. But we do know a few things about the season debut, thanks in part to the cast, whom we spoke with earlier this week at their series' premiere party.

For one thing, according to star Stephen Moyer, the episode picks up right where season five left off—with Bill transforming into the menacing, blood-bathed "Billith."

"I like that kind of story telling where it unfolds for the audience at the same time as it unfolds for the character," Stephen said of his mysterious metamorphosis. "Sometimes it's great because they'll be a step ahead. They'll be further ahead than he is, and he has to find that out for himself. In terms of him knowing what he is, he doesn't."

And what of Bill's lady love Sookie Stackhouse: Are the two done for good?

"I don't think anything is totally over ever on 'True Blood,'" co-star (and Stephen's real-life wife) Anna Paquin said. "People die, people come back. People break up, they get back together."

But it doesn't look as though the two will be getting back together anytime soon, seeing as Sookie may have a new love interest on the show.

"A little action, yes," Anna teased of her character's romantic entanglements this season. "I don't know what else I can tell you without completely spoiling the season."

Click play on the video above to learn even more season six secret straight from the cast of "True Blood"!

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