'True Blood' Star Joe Manganiello Teaches You How To Pronounce His Name

How do you pronounce the surname of that tall drink of water who plays werewolf Alcide Harveaux on HBO's "True Blood"? If it sounds anything like "Man Jell-O" or "Mangy Yellow," well, you're doing it wrong. But that's okay! Because the man himself, Mr. Joe Manganiello, is here to help.

In this week's installment of After Hours we present you with "Joe Manganiello's Guide to Pronouncing F---ed Up Celebrity Names." Because how else would you know how to properly articulate tongue-twisters like "Tom Cruise" and "Brad Pitt"?

Get clickin' to learn all of Joe's linguistic lessons. (Which sounds a lot dirtier than it actually is. Unfortunately.)

Have you been pronouncing "Manganiello" correctly? Will you be watching Joe when "True Blood" returns to HBO this weekend? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!