Peep EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer For Amanda Sun's 'Ink'

Whatever your summer reading plans, we've got one title that needs to be written on your list...indelibly. The book in question? "Ink," a twisty debut drama full of pretty pictures, Eastern flavor and yummy Japanese uberhunks who may or may not be descended from the ancient gods of Japan. And just because we love you, we've got the EXCLUSIVE debut of the book trailer for Amanda Sun's first novel, right here, right now, so let's watch it!

Frankly, all reasonable human beings should be sold on this book from the moment the trailer unleashes the fantastically exciting teaser that "pens explode, ink drips, and the unimaginable happens!" (Hint: The unimaginable is far more exciting than the splotchy oopsie stains that are the usual outcome of a spilled ink incident.) But for those in need of a plot synopsis, here's your dish: Katie, an orphaned American teen who's been sent to live with her aunt in Japan, can't quite master the art of eating her food with chopsticks—but she can fall for the floppy-haired, wild-eyed Tomohiro, a kendo champion with a mysterious past! And when her presence in Tomo's life starts to have strange effects on his sketchbook, it's only a matter of time before the two find themselves wrapped up in a supernatural conflict with roots in ancient Japan...and in a forbidden love, too. Of course. I mean, you have to have that.

And there's an added bonus for e-readers: the animations actually COME TO LIFE!

"The drawings in 'Ink' come alive, but always with sinister motives," Amanda explained. "There's a feeling as you watch the animations that control could be lost at any moment, that the life given to the dragon or the wagtails birds could go terribly wrong. It's a mix of beauty and danger, which is what 'Ink' alternates between as the story unfolds."

Get a preview of the moving art here, here and here!

Ready to get your hands dirty with "Ink"? You don't have to wait long! The book hits stores June 25.

Is "Ink" officially on your summer must-read list? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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