'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Premiere Recap: 'A Is For A-l-i-v-e'

Pretty Little LiarsYou wanted answers? "Pretty Little Liars" has 'em for you—like, lots of them. The season four premiere, "A Is for A-l-i-v-e," gave us information in a big way. Not only did we find out the identity of the Queen of Hearts (just as executive producer I. Marlene King promised), we also found out what was in the trunk, what Mona had her black leather gloved hand in, and plenty more tidbits we've been wondering about since season three ended in March.

Since Red Coat essentially abandoned Mona along with the liars at the burning lodge, Mona needed to show the girls that she was on their side now. Basically, she squealed like a pig—a live one, not the dead one the girls found in the trunk. Unfortunately, the cops found something else in the muddy cop car—Det. Wilden's body. That's right, the over-involved policeman is dead, and A is ready to set up the gang for his murder.

As we saw in the finale, A looks shockingly like Ali, but not even the girls who saw her truly believe their friend is back from the dead just to screw with them.

But here's what we do know: Mona might've put the cop car in Hanna's garage, but she didn't drag the thing out of the lake and put Wilden's body inside. She didn't push Ian off the bell tower at the church, though she'd like to know who did. Mona was on the Halloween train, but she's not the one who almost killed Aria. That would be the Queen of Hearts, or, rather, Queens: Mona had a video that very clearly showed the late Det. Wilden in the costume, speaking to a masked acquaintance whom we'll just have to take Mona's word was Melissa, since A deleted all the data from the computer before her face was revealed.

The latest dead body in Rosewood, a small town almost as dangerous as the vampire-inhabited Mystic Falls, was pretty shocking, but not as gasp-worthy as the image of a newly re-employed Ezra being perp walked out of Rosewood High in handcuffs. Good thing it was a fakeout, and just a scary manifestation of Aria's overactive, guilty imagination.

Mr. Fitz was offered a full-time position at the school, and since Aria lied to the vice principal about their relationship, she was freaking out that he'd find out. After the paranoid daydream, though, she decided she would probably be better off seeing other people and called off their relationship. But since Ezria always finds a way back to each other, we have hope it won't be for long. It's only seven months until graduation, though time moves slower in Rosewood than anywhere else in the world, so that's longer than you'd think.

Ali might or might not be dead, but one member of her family was actually back in town. Mrs. DiLaurentis has returned to the family home (minus her son Jason) for reasons that are still unclear, but since this is "Pretty Little Liars" she's obviously going to make the girls' lives hell somehow (despite her seemingly good nature).

Also new in town? The new, just as handsome Officer Holbrook. He called out Wilden's creepy obsession with the girls, but called out the girls themselves for attending the funeral of their tormentor. Let us pause here to reflect on the fact that the liars killed it (metaphorically) with their sartorial choices at the funeral. Hottest mourners ever! It almost makes us forget about Hanna's weird black headband. Anyway, back to the new policeman: Nothing good will probably come of him asking more questions, but he's super cute so we'll enjoy watching him do it.

Mona might have told the girls a bunch of her secrets, but they still don't know whether to trust her. Unfortunately, they're going to have to since they're in this thing together: A is blackmailing Mona too, having recorded the video of the girls opening the trunk.

What did you think of A's latest hijinks? Should the liars trust Mona? Are you sad about Ezria's breakup? What is Mrs. DiLaurentis up to? Why was Hanna's mom's phone in Wilden's casket? And who was the veiled figure at the funeral?