Robert Pattinson Is The Man For Dior Homme

Robert PattinsonOoooh, do you smell that? Either someone just set off an olfactory sex bomb...or we're catching our very first whiff of the delicious, heady aroma of Robert Pattinson's first-ever celebrity endorsement deal. And yep, it's the latter!

Months after rumors surfaced last fall that Rob would become the new face of Dior's fragrance for men, the company has confirmed (via Women's Wear Daily) that he is, indeed, the dudely visage which will launch the next Dior Homme campaign.

This is a new thing for Robert, who's been leery of attaching his famous face to any one brand—but if he were going to break the seal on endorsements, the rumored $12 million he's getting from Dior is a good place to start. The actor will appear in a series of ads shot by photographer Nan Goldin and director Romain Gavras, which, according to certain people, involve some majorly sexy content and the flagrant use of Rob's tongue...which is why we're currently sobbing and rending our shirts over the totally unfair fact that the advertisements are running exclusively overseas. Any folks across the pond want to take pity on us poor, Pattz-less Americans and offer a YouTube link? We'll trade you in deep-fried foods!

Are you dying for one of Rob's Dior Homme ads to surface?