'Crown Of Midnight' EXCLUSIVE Book Trailer Is Killer

What happens after you park your illustrious butt on the Throne of Glass? You wear the Crown of Midnight, of course! Which is where we're at now in Sarah J. Maas' epic series about a young assassin in search of her destiny, and why we're so super-excited to bring you the EXCLUSIVE first look at the trailer for "Crown of Midnight," the next book in line.

After making her action-packed debut in "Throne of Glass," Celaena has traded a life of hard labor in the kingdom's salt mines for a place in the palace—and the coveted title of royal assassin. But despite her position at the king's side, her loyalties lie elsewhere...and as powerful forces gather on the horizon, her next assignment might be the one that forces her to make a terrible choice.

Want to add this one to your must-read list? "Crown of Midnight" hits bookstores August 27! (Get more info at the "Throne of Glass" Facebook page!)

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