Meet The Young 'Man Of Steel' Dylan Sprayberry

FROM MTV NEWS: Henry Cavill isn't the only looker stepping into the iconic role of Superman in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" (out Friday). Meet 14-year-old cutie-pie Dylan Sprayberry, who plays the teenage version of Clark Kent. (You may recognize the actor from another younger-version turn: He portrayed a kiddie Cooper Anderson on an episode of "Glee.")

With all of the secrecy surrounding the superhero flick, it should come as little surprise that the audition process included a smidge of subterfuge.

"I probably went in about four or five times for the audition and they were keeping everything really under wraps," Dylan recalled. "They didn't want anyone to know what it was for, they wouldn't tell me anything. I did a monologue from 'Stand By Me' ... [When] I got the third callback and I found out that it was going to be for Superman, and then they started pairing me up with younger versions, and that's when I met Zack and Deborah Snyder. I auditioned for the bully actually as well, but I didn't really fit that one as much. But I kept going back in a few times just to match up and make sure that I look like Henry."

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