'True Blood' Debuts One More Trailer Before The Big Premiere

True BloodWith just a week to go before the season six premiere of "True Blood," it's not like fans really needed to be whipped into a further state of frenzied excitement for TV's return to Bon Temps; we are already chewing on our hands and climbing the walls and have renamed all our cats "Eric Northman" in anticipation of the big event. But because HBO loves to taunt its vampire-craving audience right up until the last possible moment, a new trailer for the upcoming season has debuted with some tasty tidbits for us all to chew on.

For one: The tenuous peace between humans and vampires is breaking down in the wake of the Authority's overthrow, and the Tru Blood factories have been bombed into oblivious, which means that we can probably expect a lot of biting this season. Just look at all the fangs in this trailer! Eric, Bill, Pam, Jessica—they're all flashing their chompers and/or getting ready to chow down on various human necks! Eeeeee! Also, for anyone who wondered whether Bill might still be more or less the same rule-abiding vampire gentleman he's always been, despite having slurped down a mega-serving of the Blood of Lilith and dissolved into a pile of goo last season...nope. The new Bill barges into houses uninvited and watches unscathed as the sun comes up, and probably also steals candy from children and leaves the toilet seat up. What kind of madness is this?

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