Style Superstar: Claire Julien Is All About Bling

After seeing Claire Julien's magnificent Balmain dress for the "Bling Ring" premiere, we know of one celebrity wardrobe we'd like to burglarize. The supporting star of Sofia Coppola's new film was sporting a seriously covetable look this week, and earning her very first Style Superstar honors in the bargain.

For a movie about bling, this red and gold minidress is just the ticket: glitzy and glamorous with big padded shoulders and metallic bands that make her look like a beautiful Art Deco ornament. (We love the bangle sleeves and geometric accents!) Claire wisely paired her opulent dress with simple makeup and well-matched shoes. The only thing that could've made this look better is if she'd pulled her hair up to show off the neckline...but even then, it's boss.

Meanwhile, another gorgeous blonde went with ravishing red during a gala dinner this week: Amanda Seyfried donned this flowing silk gown with long sleeves, drapey lines and a big, honking bow at the neck. But as much as we want to love this look, the silhouette and the bow AND the sleeves are just too much. The runway version of this look included a pair of black leather evening gloves that helped bring the drama and keep things from getting too droopy and drapey. Here's hoping that next time she doesn't leave them at home!

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