How Will 'Sam & Cat' Stars Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy Celebrate Shared Birthday?

Fans of Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy need to mark June 26 on their calendars. That's the day the two Nick stars celebrate their birthdays. And, it’s a big one for both of them. Ariana will bid her teen years good-bye as she turns 20, and Jennette can party all she wants now that she will soon be 21.

The "Sam & Cat" stars are still trying to nail down how they might spend their joint big day. "I’m trying to think. It’s my 21st. I haven’t had a party in like years, I think since I was 13 was my last official party," Jennette confessed to MTV News. "So I don’t know. I’ve been toying with some different ideas, but now it seems like scheduling conflicts are kind of interfering."

Much like Jennette, Ariana is also in the planning stages, with only a few weeks left to go. “I think I’m going to be here in New York, actually,” she shared. “ ‘Cause I think my brother's doing a show, and I have to be here for that, but I don’t know. I don’t want to do anything fancy. A couple years back I had like the most ridiculous birthday party ever [at Paramount]. It was so ridiculous. The idea was really fun to have a big party and everything, but I was so, like, uncomfortable. I just want to play cards with my grandparents and watch a good movie.”

The ladies’ "iCarly"/"Victorious" spinoff, "Sam & Cat," premieres this Saturday, June 8 at 8 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.

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