'Tiger Eyes' Opens Tomorrow: 3 More Judy Blume Books Made For The Big Screen

Tiger EyesIt took a few decades to get us here, but the big day has finally arrived: "Tiger Eyes," the only movie ever to be made based on a book by YA literary grande dame Judy Blume, is hitting theaters on Friday! The movie stars Willa Holland as Davey, a teenage girl who finds herself uprooted and adrift in an unfamiliar place after her father's tragic death—and who ultimately finds her place in the world through her own inner strength and moving interactions with a memorable cast of friends and family.

The story is classic Judy Blume: quiet, contemplative, and intensely character-focused, and we're so psyched to see one of her books finally make it to the big screen. In fact, we never want it to stop! We need more Judy Blume book-movies! Beginning with this wishlist of three totally screen-ready stories that someone should really make right now. (Pretty please, Hollywood?)

The book: "Forever"

The story: A frank, intimate, candid exploration of a teenage relationship—without vampires, love triangles or the sickly sweet farce of a too-happy ending. The book follows Katherine, a high school senior, as she negotiates the natural evolution of her first serious relationship. (The book, which has been consistently controversial since its publication in 1975, was reportedly written in response to a plea from Judy's daughter for a story about "two nice kids who have sex without either of them having to die."

The dream cast: We suggest the delicious Brenton Thwaites as high school heartthrob Michael; and Mae Whitman, who was so great in her "Perks of a Wallflower" supporting role, could really shine in a starring role as Katherine.

The book: "Then Again, Maybe I Won't"

The story: A coming-of-age story centered on a nouveau riche Jersey teen, this novel followed Judy's "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" in exploring the (hee, hee) ups and downs of puberty from a guy's perspective. From a cinematic standpoint, it has all the makings of a great, quiet, indie ensemble drama with a strong 1970s vibe.

The dream cast: Kodi Smit-McPhee as main character Tony Miglione; Jaden Smith as his troublemaking rich-boy BFF Joel Hoober; Naya Rivera as Joel's hot sister, Lisa. Bonus: Tap the entire cast of "Freaks and Geeks" to play various adult roles in the movie, and it's a shoo-in for awesomeness.

The book: "Blubber"

The story: Imagine "Mean Girls," only dialed back to a middle school setting and with none of the sexy snark. The story follows Jill, a girl on the fringes of the popular crowd, who slowly starts to wake up to the fact that her BFFs are vile little bullies.

The dream cast: We'd love to see "Hunger Games" alums Amandla Stenberg and Willow Shields face off as Jill, the uncertain protagonist, and Wendy, the evil Queen Bee.

Which Judy Blume book would you want to see on the big screen next?