CW Releases Trailers For Fall Shows 'Originals,' 'Reign' And More!

ReignAncient vampires, teleporting teenage dreamboats, aliens in love, and Mary, Queen of Scots: There is quite the collection of amazing characters coming to the CW this year, and not to brag or anything, but we've been hanging out with them all morning...on the intertubes.

The CW has released the official trailers for all of its new series in the 2013-14 season, giving audiences their first major taste of the shows that will shortly be duking it out for fandom supremacy and/or precious space on our overstuffed DVRs.

The upcoming shows include "Star-Crossed" (a forbidden love story with an extraterrestrial twist), "The 100" (a post-apocalypse survival drama featuring juvie delinquents as post-nuclear lab rats), "Reign" (a bodice-ripping tale of romance and politics in 16th century France), "The Tomorrow People" (a third-time's-the-charm reboot of the classic sci-fi series about mutant telekinetic teens and the thugs who hunt them), and "The Originals" (the long-awaited spin-off featuring some favorite bloodsuckers from "The Vampire Diaries".) And if you're having a hard time deciding which of those sounds most exciting...well, so are we, but maybe after another 20 viewings of these video promos a favorite will emerge. Possibly.

The series will debut this fall with the exception of "Star-Crossed" and "The 100," which will bow midseason. Check out all the previews below!

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